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Nokia challenges Samsung & says it didn’t see Lumia 1020 coming!! Promotes “Exceptional zoom without the exceptional bulk”.

[embedit snippet="adversal5"] Nokia has adopted its new challenger strategy fully and has launched a very unique promotion for Lumia 1020. This new promotion is a mix of cheeky attacks on SGS4 Zoom's exceptional bulk, head-on challenge to Samsung on Twitter asking for its move. Nokia getting bolder!! The below image says it

Weekend Watch: #Lumia1020 vs #SGS4 Zoom shootout. Imaging, Video capture and OIS comparison.

[embedit snippet="adversal5"] In weekend watch we are bringing to you detailed imaging and video capture comparison done between the recently crowned camera king Lumia 1020 and biggest contender from competition SGS4 zoom. Coming to imaging comparison, Daylight or low-light, Lumia 1020 consistently outdoes SGS4 Zoom in sharpness and amount of details

#Lumia1020 vs SGS4 Zoom: Lumia 1020’s camera performance “heads and shoulders above” SGS4 Zoom.

[embedit snippet="adversal5"] Laptop magazine has done a comparison between Lumia 1020 and SGS4 Zoom not only as a camera but as a smartphone as well. They have declared Lumia 1020 the winner with wins in 4 aspects including camera and especially mention its camera performance is heads and shoulders above that