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Nokia posts ‘Lumia Icon vs Samsung Galaxy S4’ video without officially announcing the device.

This is kinda funny to remember how much Lumia Icon has been leaked from everywhere possible, including Verizon. Now, Nokia joins the fun by posting a Lumia Icon vs Samsung Galaxy S4' drag race...

Weekend Watch: #Lumia 1020 vs SGS4 vs iPhone 5S camera shootout!!

Time for weekend watch and two videos for your viewing pleasure today. One video pits Lumia 1020 against iPhone 5S in still images and video capture shootout and the second is video capture shootout...

Loudspeaker & Display comparison: #Lumia 1020 vs #iPhone 5S vs #Samsung Galaxy S4.

A YouTube Channel "HelperSyndrom" has compared Displays and Loudspeakers of three flagship devices, Lumia 1020, Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5S. While, loudspeaker wise Lumia 1020 is declared as reviewer's personal winner, display...

14% more buyers recommend Lumia 928 than Samsung Galaxy S4. (Based on nearly equal...

This may serve as an eye-opener to those who think packing multiple cores and less used features to a device can make it buyer's favorite. The latest Samsung flagship at Verizon SGS4 enjoys only...


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