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Jolla goes on sale (online) in Europe. Priced €399.00.

Jolla has now opened sales of its smartphone for European Union countries, Switzerland and Norway. The device, which is priced €399.00 can now be bought from official online Jolla shop. Shipping costs and VAT vary...
Jolla device

Jolla rolls out first Sailfish OS update. Changelog. Update on shipments and buying options.

Jolla has rolled out first software update for Sailfish OS crushing bugs and improving performance and stability, even before the device starts falling into customer's hands. Though the changelog (Via Jolla Tides) is quite...
Jolla device

Jolla device to have maps built by Appello, 85000 Android apps from Yandex store....

Lots of things happening in the world of Jolla. Their latest press release talks about integrating Here’s mapping and positioning technology with Sailfish OS and Yandex store providing 85000 Android apps to Jolla users. Jolla announced...

Video demo: Latest #Sailfish OS running on #Jolla smartphone with Android Apps.

Jolla's twitter account has posted video demo of latest version of "Sailfish" OS on its upcoming device. Android apps are also demoed running on the device in the video. It does look promising!! Watch...

#Jolla announces compatibility of “#Sailfish” OS with #Android apps & Hardware!! Pre-orders to re-open.

So, this is our first post about "Jolla" a company founded by many ex-Nokians who were working on Meego earlier. So, the company has just announced a major milestone where their "Sailfish" operating system...

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