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TA-1130, TA-1156 & TA-1157; new Nokia smartphones seen in Russian certification

Three new Nokia smartphone variants have appeared in the Russian certification. These previously unknown variants TA-1130, TA-1156 & TA-1157 have been certified on December 19 as per the certification. Even TA-1139, that we had reported...

Unknown Nokia TA-1075, TA-1105 & TA-1116 phones appear in Russian certifications

Official mobile certifications in various markets leak useful information about the upcoming phones. Now, three previously unknown Nokia phone variants TA-1075, TA-1105 & TA-1116 have appeared in Russian certifications. As you can see in the screenshot...

Nokia 9 TA-1005 had passed Russian certification in May 2017

Nokia 9 TA-1005 variant has recently passed certification at FCC revealing some major specs in the process. But while we are still waiting for Nokia 9 official launch, on checking we noticed that this...

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