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HERE Auto cloud to empower navigation for Volvo cars.

We just reported about QNX software services and HERE maps partnering to bring  ‘HERE Auto’ to QNX’s CAR platform. Now, seems there is one more good news. HERE is powering the new Sensus Navigation...

Google reveals Nokia’s patent lawsuit against its Maps & Navigation services.

Things may get pretty interesting for Nokia investors and bit tough for Google here, it seems. Nokia has brought a patent lawsuit against HTC specifically targeting Google Maps and navigation on its devices sold...

#Here Maps testing 3D super-precision maps with self driving car from #Merc.

Here Maps, the mapping arm of Nokia is developing 3D best-in-class precision maps with claimed cm level accuracy. These maps are being developed with connected cars and futuristic self-driving cars in mind. These maps...

MS demoes “Xbox One” navigation with Red Lumia 920 in briefing video!!

This may not be a very big deal, but even a little bit helps. Microsoft revealed their next Xbox named "Xbox One" with "all-in-one entertainment system" punchline. Now, we know how major Xbox is in...

Mercedes, BMW, Pioneer and Garmin are new big wins for Nokia’s “Location” business.

Nokia has continued its streak of scoring big wins in its Location business with addition of big names like Mercedes, BMW, Pioneer and Garmin as its Maps and navigation users. Read more from the announcements, Nokia today announced...

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