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Microsoft Research paper reveals more about 3D-Touch: Hybrid Touch + Hover interactions

We reported earlier about Microsoft Research video with the full 3D-Touch demo on a Lumia McLaren prototype. Now the research paper is in public too and it offers detail about how Microsoft Research team...

Microsoft Research demoes 3D-Touch UI interactions on Lumia McLaren Prototype

Lumia McLaren and the 3D-Touch are true Die-hards!! Microsoft killed the device and with it the 3D-Touch UI that could have been a great talking point for Windows Phone never came to Lumia devices...

Play Write, Microsoft Research’s Mobile app, allows Word documents editing in game-like manner

An interesting Microsoft research project comes to light!! Project Play Write seems to be in works and it is a Xamarin based application that seems to be available for only Android now. What the...

Microsoft brings XIM, a photo-sharing app to Windows Phone along with iOS & Android

Microsoft research has developed and launched a new photo-sharing app XIM for Windows Phone, iOS and Android devices. The app allows to share photos with contacts even if they are not using XIM. The...

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