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Microsoft launches Lumia 650 in Mexico. Details inside.

Microsoft has finally launched Lumia 650 in mexico and has also revealed release date and price. Microsoft Lumia 650 will be prices at 4,399 pesos and will be available from next week  through the mobile operator Movistar. The device comes in Black or White and this of course includes free shipping. Also

Microsoft launches Lumia 950/XL in Mexico

Few month ago, Microsoft launched their new flagship phones, Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL running on Windows 10 Mobile. Both of the smartphones comes with Windows Hello and Continuum features. Today Microsoft launches Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL in Mexico. The smaller Lumia 950 is priced at 12,999 pesos and larger

More than 100 corporates use Lumia in Mexico. More than 3000 dev focused on WP. Lumia WP8 announced for Mexico.

Nokia's media relation's head "Doug" had been tweeting about the yesterday's launch event of Lumia WP8 devices in Mexico. Mexico has really seen significant growth in Windows Phone installed base according to "Statscounter". Mexico in the period of Dec 12 to March 13 has shown a growth of 3% to 4.54% in installed user

Lumia 505 officialy revealed. 3.7 inch CBD AMOLED display, Curved screen and 8 MP camera .

Nokia Mexico has officially revealed Lumia 505 and the product page has gone live. It is certainly most beautiful looking of all the low-end Lumia devices with curved display and seemingly  polycarbonate unibody with N8 like frontal design. It will be available in Black, White and Red. Read about major features of the device below,  3.7 inch CBD