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Nokia indeed working on Android-based wearables, may take ODM route, show job openings

So, we fist reported it via our sources and now we have some evidences to share. We told you that Nokia is working on Android-based wearables related to Health and Wellbeing as part of...

Nokia may have already identified its Brand-licensing partner, reveals a job listing

Nokia has officially confirmed its intentions to be back in smartphones come Q4 2016 and will seek a world-class partner for brand-licensing. Our sources though told us that it will again be Foxconn that...

Nokia is indeed developing a cloud-based Linux (Meego) OS, Job posting confirms

We reported via one of our trusted sources that Meego / Meltemi is not dead and may metamorphose into a cloud-based Nokia OS in future. Well, for doubting Thomases, here is a bit of...

Updated: Official response says Job postings only for SDK development.

Update: Pino, from Nokia has let us know by leaving a comment that these job postings are for SDK development only. Hi guys, just to clarify, a mobile SDK is not an app. We are providing...

Nokia officially puts an end to “Android Phone” rumors.

Seriously, we didn't bother to cover such lame rumor. How come a "Linux" job posting indicate Nokia pursuing Android, when Nokia already had many Linux people working on many of the related projects and there...

Nokia planning to directly promote and sell Lumia WP8 phones in US Malls.

Nokia has posted a holiday job opportunity which looks to hire outgoing candidates with previous retail sales experience and technology to promote Nokia phones beginning November 12 and ending December 31st in US Malls. This...

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