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Upcoming Redstone Builds to bring New Settings Icons & Swipe in Microsoft Edge (Videos)

Some changes that you can expect arriving with future Windows 10 Mobile Redstone Builds have been leaked by various sources. New Settings Icons: After refreshing and bringing new icons for many settings and sub-settings with Build 14322, Microsoft seems to be redoing it with new icons for many sub-settings yet again. Check

This is how Cortana will greet you! Cortana’s icon pack extracted. Language change possible.

A lot about Cortana has been leaked by many sources since yesterday. So, we reported a bit yesterday and time for much more now, Cortana Animations : (Circle) *Abashed *Alert *Bouncy *Calm *Considerate *Elated *Greeting1,2,3,4 *Listening1 *Need More *Intro *Optimistic *Reminder *Satisfied *Sensitive *Speaking *Thinking   Cortana's full icon pack extracted: Cortana's language can be changed: And last but not least, this is how Cortana will greet you: It seems Cortana can