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Windows Camera updated with Video pausing & Rich HDR option

We last reported about camera update leak with new features . Now Microsoft released an update for the Camera app in Windows 10 Mobile. The app includes new features such a way to pause...

Windows Phone 8 code reveals High-performance HDR support coming in future.

A "Windowsblogitalia" reader has tipped them with above screenshot of chat between him and developer of one of the best imaging application "Proshot" for windows phone. The developer mentions that they are waiting on Microsoft to...

Is Nokia now teasing HDR feature of Lumia 920’s PureView Camera.

First of all, I am surprised of how conveniently I missed this:).  Nokia seems bringing both Panorama and HDR  features integrated with Lumia 920 Camera and as the above image crop mentions something special as...

Stunning HDR imagery by using 808 PureView’s camera. Thanks “Richard Dorman”!!

Just have a look at the below HDR images taken from the Flickr set "Nokia 808 Free Hand HDR Tests" by Richard Dorman . These pictures were taken without using any Tripod and they...

Free HDR Camera and photo enhancer apps for Nokia N9 at Nokia store.

Nokia panorama is available for N9 now at Nokia store, and from Nokia conversations we came to know that Fcam with HDR application will be available soon for N9. But we came across two free N9 camera...

Panorama and HDR application for Nokia N9 coming soon.

In an article at Nokia conversations which gives details about Camera improvements with PR1.2 software update, something very interesting has come out. It seems that HDR will come with Fcam, which is an API for...

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