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Gameloft’s new Disney Magic Kingdom now available for Windows Phone

  Update: Gameloft's new Disney Magic Kingdom game is now available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. For the game description  and features read below and for  installation click on the download link given below. Good news for Disney games lovers!!!! Gameloft teases their new Disney Magic Kingdom game coming to Windows mobile devices, starting on Thursday, March

Sniper Fury is coming on November 19

Popular game publisher GameLoft is preparing to launch their new shooting game, Sniper fury for Windows Phone, along with Android and iOS devices on November 19. However the game is free, but you can purchase stuffs inside the game. The game is going to be as cool as Mortal Combat 5 and it

Gameloft’s Siegefall receives a major update in Windows Store (both Mobile & PC). Trailer.

Gameloft's popular game Siegefall has received a major update on both Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 devices. The update marks arrival of The Prince of Bones and has many new characters and features like undead‬ Troops, flying Gargoyles, powerful new Cards. Siegefall 1.3 Changelog: Prepare to fight throughout the land of the