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Briquid Mini new game from Game Troopers is now available in Windows Phone Store

Developers behind popular game Overkill 3, Game Troopers, partnering with Gamious, the developer of Lines, has developed a new puzzle game Briquid Mini, and it is currently available on Windows Phone store. Description of the game...

Overkill 3 for Windows Phone updated with new features and improvements

Game Troopers have updated one of its most popular games, Overkill 3. The latest update is available for both Windows and Windows Phone platform and it includes analog sticks for aiming. Also tutorial experience...

The Last Door from Game Troopers to come as an universal app

One of the much awaited games from Game Troopers is "The Last Door" that was supposed to arrive on Windows Phone in July. But now it seems the game will land on Microsoft app...

Game Troopers’ new game “Imperia Online” now available to download from Windows Phone Store

Game Troopers have launched a new Xbox game  "Imperia Online" for Windows Phone users. This game is already present on android and iOS and enjoys good ratings and reviews. Imperia Online is based on the...

Game Troopers brings Abyss to Windows Phone. Watch the trailer.

Game Troopers has finally brought its popular game "Abyss" to Windows Phone devices. Good news is that it supports 512 MB RAM devices too. The game is priced $2.99. Watch the trailer and click...

Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops is now available for Windows Phone

Sequel to the original Tiny Troopers game, Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops is available now in Windows Phone store. Great news is that it is Xbox Live game and you can earn and count...

Monster Go from Game Troopers now available in the store

  Game Troopers has brought one more game to Windows Phone store. Monster Go is a hybrid RPG-Endless Runner game. You can pick your Monster, choose the skills, evolve your monster and fight your way...

Game Troopers publishing Overkill 3 for Windows Phone. Teaser video.

Game Troopers, the dev behind popular title "Mini Troopers" will bring their next game for Windows Phone very soon!! Overkill 3, a 3rd person shooter game, that is already available on Android and iOS, is...

Make it Rain: The Love of Money is available for Windows Phone now

  It is fun and it is here for Windows Phone devices finally! Popular game "Make it Rain: The Love of Money" that has some following on Android and iOS already is now available in...

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