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German court rules in Nokia’s favor in patent licensing case against Daimler

The Regional Court Mannheim, Germany has ruled in favor of Nokia in a patent licensing case. It has issued an injunction against automotive manufacturer Daimler for using the Nokia intellectual property in an unauthorized...

Nokia reportedly close to sale of HERE to German Car-Makers consortium

A report from Bloomberg claims that Nokia may be in final stages of striking a deal with consortium of German car-makers for its HERE business. The reported deal value of $2.7 Billion is however...

Nokia can sell HERE in part or full, as German car makers with Baidu...

It will be really interesting to see what happens of HERE in coming weeks. Nokia has reiterated at its AGM that they are in no hurry to sell HERE and can sell it in...

German Carmakers pressurizing Nokia against selling HERE to Facebook, Uber or other Firms

  We reported about a host of big corporates including Apple, Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook, Uber, BMW & Daimler interested in Nokia‚Äôs HERE business. It seems there is a section of potential buyers that is putting pressure...

Apple, Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook, Uber, BMW & Daimler interested in Nokia’s HERE business

Update: The list of suitors for HERE grows with a report from Bloomberg claiming that Nokia is also trying to get Apple, Amazon and Alibaba interested in the deal. The report claims that the first...


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