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Nokia wins two more GSMA awards. Lumia 520 & Nokia 105 are the winners.

Nokia has scored three in a row here! We just reported NSN getting the GSMA award for Best Mobile Infrastructure at MWC 2014 and Nokia devices bring two more. Lumia 520 has been declared the...

Lumia 925 goes against competition in T3 Gadget Awards 2013 for “Phone of the...

Lumia 925 has been selected as one of the phones to be voted in "Phone of the year" award category in T3 Gadget Awards 2013. While, just like you this question came to my...

“International Forum Design” awards Nokia with seven design awards for the year 2012.

It takes lots of creativity, courage and bold attitude to wow experts and masses alike with new designs. In a time when everyone and their mother was busy copying "Black and White Rectangular icons...

Updated: Lumia 920 leading with 84% votes now in poll for “Gizmodo Awards 2012”.

Update: Amazing to see Lumia 920 leading the poll now with 84% votes. May serve as a lesson for "Gizmodo" (Remember their review of Lumia 920) as well :P. Gizmodo Australia has announced the poll for "Favourite mobile...

Nokia Pureview technology gets awarded as “best imaging innovation” by TIPA.

The Nokia 808 PureView  won the award for the best new mobile handset at the at Mobile World Congress 2012 event. The pureview techonology was one of the biggest factors behind 808 getting this award at MWC. Now...


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