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Nokia Lumia Icon spotted on Verizon Wireless website

We have all been patiently waiting for news to surface about the Lumia Icon or 929 as other know it.  Just recently Verizon leaked it on their website.  It has all the specs that...

Incipio’s cases for Nokia Lumia Icon have the device in featured images.

We have seem many leaked press shots and real-life photos of Verizon bound Lumia 929 which may eventually see release with the name "Nokia Lumia Icon". You can read more about its probable specs...

More leaked Lumia 929/Icon case photos

The lumia 929 or now known as the lumia icon, has had the verizon wireless lumia owners on the edge of their seats for a while now, and these leaked pictures do not help. This...

Claimed Accessory card reveals Nokia Lumia Icon name for Lumia 929.

evleaks has just posted above image which is claimed to be a leaked Accessory card for Verizon bound Lumia 929. The image doesn't reveal much but the words on it "For Nokia Lumia Icon"...

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