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Nokia 105 has flagship devices like 30% profit margin, says IHS!!

If what IHS has revealed from its teardown of Nokia 105 is true , then seems Nokia has finally found the magic formula to get good profits from  its lowest end of devices. According to IHS...

Nokia 105 to hit European markets soon with $20 price tag.

Nokia 105 which can arguably be defined as the most "bang for bucks" Nokia phone is heading to Europe after being launched in India. According to the reports it will be priced $20 and...

Bytes: Most affordable Nokia 105 on sale in India now. Instagraph now in Windows...

The most affordable Nokia Handset, Nokia 105 is now on sale in India for a price of just Rs 1249 (23 USD). With Nokia trademark colored exteriors and a colored display it is finally bye-bye...


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