Just days ago we reported a new device with variant code RM-1182 passing certification In Indonesia. We have reported mid-ranger Lumia 750 (or whatever the name may be) coming between mid-December to early-January via our sources and we have seen that it is under testing in India, as revealed by Zauba entries. Lumia 650 was also seen in Zauba entries and here you can read more about it.

So that makes two upcoming Lumia devices under testing in India and price wise close to what we expect for Lumia 750 and Lumia 650. Now T-Mobile Poland’s upcoming devices plan has leaked in a screenshot and while it was posted by Xperia Blog for leaks of upcoming Xperias, friends over WMPU found two upcoming Lumias in it as well.

T-Mobile-Lumia plans

As you can see one of them is planned in beginning of Q1 and that matches with what we were tipped about Lumia 750. The second one seems coming later in Q1 and we have heard Lumia 650 coming bit late in Q1.

We had also reported via our sources that Lumia 850 is also under testing but they don’t see it coming before February- March next year. Recently we saw a statement from Microsoft that more Lumia devices with Iris scanners are coming and that makes one or more of the upcoming devices (Lumia 750 & Lumia 850) more exciting.

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