Lumia 920 brings many innovations like PureView Camera, PureMotion HD+ display, Wireless Charging etc to the table. Yesterday We discussed in detail  about how PureView works on the Lumia 920. Today it is turn of PureMotion HD+ display. The display on Lumia 920 is truly amazing with some great features.

Fastest display with fast liquid crystal response and panel overdrive.

  • With the typical in-plane switching (IPS)-type liquid crystal display in mobile devices, the pixel transition time is longer than the period of one rendered frame i.e. 16.7 milliseconds (ms). In practice the time it takes a pixel to change its state from one level to another is spanning over several frames, thus creating blur.
  • The way to overcome this problem is to use a temporary higher voltage difference for driving each LC pixel i.e. to overdrive the panel. This leads to the PureMotionHD having the best video quality.
  • Overdrive contributes to both reducing the liquid crystal rise time and also improving the consistency of the transitions as can be seen in the following measurement data. In the charts height of the bar indicates transition time.

1280 x 768 HD+ resolution and 15:9 aspect ratio, which gives it 332 PPI density more than every other smartphone.

  • HD+ provides the best balance for content viewing and UI usability of touch screen. When browsing, looking at photos, watching videos etc. you get more content in one go.
  • 15:9 aspect ratio gives better usability compared to 16:9. User interface elements, which are at top edge of the screen, are closer to the users fingers, thus being more reachable also with thumbs.

Brightest Display, which includes improved CBD for best in class awesome outdoor under the sun visibility. Following is a comparison with Lumia 900’s display under bright sun light and Lumia 920’s display obviously looks better. This is incredible because, Lumia 900 already has the best outdoor visibility on any available smartphone in the market.

The touch screen is so sensitive and responsive that it even works fine when you have put your Gloves on and it was demoed during the presentation event of Lumia 920.

  • Super sensitive touch in Lumia 920 sets a new bar in touch display experience since the introduction of capacitive touch in smartphone mass market 2007.
  • So far it’s been about multitouch and usage of the device with bare fingers or stylus but now there will finally be a radical user experience improvement. Nokia is the first smartphone manufacturer to bring super sensitive and best touchscreens to the market.
  •  The touch in Lumia 920 is more sensitive than in any other touch display enabling interaction not only with your bare fingers but also with gloves, long finger nails and even some regular pens. This technology adapts its sensitivity according to user input method, making touch usage faster, more natural and accurate.

Here is a video from Anandtech demoing how the super responsive screen works even with a cloth and a quick comparison with iPhone 4S’s screen sensitivity which doesn’t even respond to cloth 🙂


Another video where Lumia 920 responds to fingers with Gloves on.


You can read the full PureMotion technology Whitepaper here.