AT&T got second stock of Lumia 920 only few days back somewhere on and around 22nd November. All the colors went out of stock at AT&T before this and this second shipment was naturally considered to be bigger that the first stock of Lumia 920. So, it was expected to last longer. But seems the “Black Friday” sales has taken its toll and both “Black and Cyan Lumia 920” are now out of stock only after 3 days of stock being available online.

It is significant due to two reasons. One, this is AT&T’s own stock (Read: much bigger numbers than Amazon and Walmart sales number of Lumia 920) and this is second and bigger stock which is sold out at AT&T. It is really good to see Lumia 920 generating strong demand during the holiday sales season, but Nokia needs to be on top of things and make stock replenished as soon as possible if they have to take full advantage of holiday sales period.