Star Wars: Commander  has received a new update for Windows phone. The new version is The update brings New content and improved performance . It fixed issues with progress saving, Facebook login, and notifications.

 Star Wars: Commander Changelog:

Check out these new features:
• Chapter 10 now available! Entice Senator Johhar Kessen to join your faction!
• Beware of Death Troopers! Dandoran will get a little spooky in Campaign #3: The Sickness!
• Prove you’re worthy of your faction in the upcoming Tournament. This PvP feature will be available soon!
• New Empire Units: Slice your way through infantry with the Royal Guard hero and deal massive damage to turrets with the TIE Defender!
• New Rebel Units: Repair battered vehicles with the helpful R2-D2 hero unit and take out shields easily with B-wing strikes!

Improvements and Fixes:
• Updates to PVP matchmaking that take HQ levels into account and prevent players from being attacked too frequently.
• Improvements to the Squad Troops Donation feature.
• Healer Class units no longer change targets.
• Fixed issues with progress saving, Facebook login, and notifications.

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