While Microsoft may have already ceased updates for Nokia X family of devices and Nokia X2, the first Nokia branded devices to run Android, the developer and enthusiast community is trying to bring custom ROMs like PAC-man ROM based on latest Android versions to the devices. There are some stable ROMs for Nokia X2 and we have already covered CM 11, CM 12.1 and Lovi OS before. But PAC-man ROM is one that you may like to try, as the general feedback for this ROM has been quite good.

PAC-man ROM features:

* disable internal memory added
* facebook notification fixed
* Xposed fixed
* MF kernel 2.0 – 3.4.110
* 520 mb zram
* more stable and smooth

PAC-man ROM installation details:

You can use an easy tool to flash custom ROM. Here is a tool that makes rooting, recovering bricked Nokia X2 devices, Custom ROM flashing and even Google Play Store implementation quite easy.


Use TWRP Recovery Tool  Download link

Wipe system
Wipe data
Wipe cache
Wipe dalvik cache

Now flash ROM and install other files from below.

ROM download

Google Apps

ddp – v4a


Read more by  going to XDA Forum.