I totally understand excitement around “Spotify” finally becoming available for WP8 devices and especially for those who might have switched from Android and iOS platforms. But with freeĀ Nokia Music and premium Nokia Music+ now being available for Lumia WP8 devices, I don’t think it may have been missed much by Lumia owners. Anyways it is Beta version which has arrived to store and is free for the first 30 days. After the trial expires, the premium service costs $9.99 a month, which is really expensive as compared to $3.99 for Nokia Music+.

Anyways, here are the detailed features and download link,

– Search, browse & play millions of tracks.
– Explore & play your friends’ playlists, top artists and tracks.
– Stream over WiFi or 2.5/3G – all your existing playlists are available.
– Offline playlists – play your music without an internet connection.
– On-the-fly sync – every track you add to a playlist appears on mobile and computer.
– What’s New view.
– Receive music from friends via the inbox.
– Starred tracks – tag all your favourites into a special list.

Download link