105221f5z08tp8d8x0rzvd.jpg.thumbAbove image leak from China coincided with our reveal of Lumia 435. While, we are pretty confident of Lumia 435’s existence as an upcoming Microsoft Lumia device, the above image doesn’t look too bad either (though photo-shoppers are known to have skills).

The one surprising thing, which accompanied the above image leak was tons of tips, we received cliaming it is Lumia 330 and that the time shown in the image 3:30 hints that. This is not impossible given, it was Nokia’s trademark style to hint about Lumia model names.

Now, while we vouch for the existence of Lumia 435 and the fact that in China number 4 is considered unlucky, leads us to an interesting speculation!!

Is Microsoft going to launch Lumia 435 as Lumia 330 in China.

This is again quite possible, as usually Lumia Single-Sim and Dual-Sim variants are differentiated in terms of model numbers. So, may be the Lumia 435 version for China will come as Lumia 330 and rest of the world without any issue with “number 4” gets it as Lumia 435.

Here is a bit of logical support to above theory. Out of the five variants, RM-1068, RM-1070, RM-1071, RM-1032, RM-1034 seen inĀ  FCC certifications, RM-1032 and RM-1034 look like a different series in themselves, if we only consider the variant numbers of the device. RM-1032 is Dual-Sim variant, while RM-1034 is Single-sim. So, may be these are the China-bound variants.

Keep in mind that we don’t have yet received evidence of Lumia 330’s existence from our sources and it is still a “speculation“, albeit quite probable!!