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Sources: Upcoming Nokia Android Phone may indeed have Nokia C1 like design

We exclusively reported about Nokia working on two high-end Android Nougat flagships. You can read about the probable specs and release date by clicking here. Now one of our sources have tipped us about how the Nokia Android Flagship may look like. As per the tip, the upcoming Nokia Flagship indeed has resemblance in design with the rumored “Nokia C1”. You can check more about Nokia C1 leaks by clicking here.

The tip also suggests that it will have Lumia 925 like “frame splits for Antenna”. The body material should be “Anodized Aluminum” . Lumia 925’s design has inspired design of the latest generation of iPhones and is considered to be one of the most beautiful smartphones ever made.

Lumia 925 NPU3 (1)

Nokia has also teased a phone with similar design profile on Twitter days ago, though the camera position looks different from Nokia C1 renders. Check the teaser closeup below.

Nokia Android leak crop

Anyways, the tip also confirms the end of 2016 release timings tipped by our other sources (if everything goes fine).

Just keep in mind that devices may undergo many changes from prototype stage to the retail stage. Also, while we have faith in the source of this story we have yet to confirm it from other sources.

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  • Rce

    Practically speaking,This Design from an Nokia’s comeback phone is simply not good,this design is looking more like a iPhone 7 and Nokia in it’s life cycle never copied design from an iPhone and finally if Nokia is coming back with an graphene sensor then this small camera setup also doesn’t look convincing in its way..

  • Arthur

    Of course i’d love to see a flagship level phone with top end specs as much as the next guy but I just would love to get some concrete info on what they are up to.

  • CM

    That photo on Instagram looks to me like a mirrored or flipped image of a girl holding a blue iPhone 5c with a case. The text on the fast food bag is reversed.

  • DBS

    I somehow find it unlikely. Specially as the “C1” fan design lacks things that no Nokia flagship would lack like a decent camera, decent flash and a dedicated camera button.
    I’m more inclined into believing in a variation of the 925 than in something like the “C1”.
    I also don’t see how metal phones that lack Qi charging can be considered premium. But that’s another conversation.

    (And let’s be honest, if it’s like the C1, it will be off to a very very bad start…).

    • Kamal

      Nokia C1 renders don’t actually give idea about things like camera etc. When we say it may have a design like Nokia C1, I believe it is more about body, frame etc. Coming to Lumia 925 lacking Wireless charging, a single feature shouldn’t be sole benchmark of premium-ness. Many latest smartphones lack it too. Finally, while we also are not sure, as this comes from a single source, that source has been spot on many times before when it comes to Nokia.

      • DBS

        Well they do actually.
        The renders show a very thin phone with a flush camera. That means no OIS which is simply not admissible in a 2016/2017 flagship, let alone one from Nokia.
        The renders show a single LED flash. That means absolutely horrendous flash (even the 2012 920 already used dual-LED).
        It shows no camera button.

        And sure, a single feature shouldn’t benchmark premium-ness. However, nowadays you have the popular premium smartphones – the S7 line – which offers wireless charging, and the aluminium flops from LG. I think we can all agree that Nokia has to aim at the S7 and nothing else. That’s the current Gold standard on Android. If they don’t try to outclass it, they’ll keep repeating the mistakes of the past. People will look at the phone and say “why should I get that one when this one offers me more for the same price?”
        That’s the mistake manufacturers like Sony are doing. The Xperia XZ for example. It’s theoretically a nice phone. If it had been released in 2015. Currently it’s going against the S7 and what does it have to offer against the S7? The Sony brand. And that’s it.

        Nokia’s phones, at least their premium flagship, can’t play safe. They have to throw in everything AND the kitchen sink. The C1 or a C1-like phone doesn’t do that. It’s just a boring bet with nothing really amazing to offer to consumers but the Nokia brand.
        And if their comeback phone doesn’t “wow” they risk losing very quickly the fans that have kept believing in the brand through all these years.

        • Prasenjit Bist

          The so called most innovative iPhone should not be premium by your standards.

          • DBS

            The iPhone is NOT premium. Like, at all. It’s 3 year old tech sold for the price of 2018 tech. That has always been the case with the iPhone. It has always been an overall inferior device.
            The only “premium” thing about the iPhone is the brand attached to it.

            • Everson

              I’m a Apple hater, I really am. But to say that the iPhone is not premium is delusional, frankly.

              • DBS

                Please tell me what’s premium about it, apart from the price…

                • Everson

                  One of the best cameras, 3d touch (it’s a gimmick, but voi-lá), great screen (i prefer amoled, but it’s personnal preference), super-thin, super-light, all-aluminum, fingerprint scanner, one of the fastest phones, if not the fastest. the undisputed best ecosystem with the better apps interation garanteed. what more does it need to be premium? sure, the wireless charging is cool, but in a such feature packed phone, it doesn’t make it less premium.

                  Why do i hate apple? the over-priceng, the lack of freedom, the ui boredom, the blasé super cool-hype. But let’s be honest. It’s the best phone, not because he is best in anything, but he does everything right. doesn’t have any compromise.

                  Let’s hope for a wise approach by Nokia. I agree with you in something: Nokia has to come with ALL GUNS BLAZING: water proof, usb-c, an amazing camera with ois and a nokia camera pro-esque ui, fingerprint scanner, wireless charging, a great amoled screen, if possible, with the hover feature from the mclaren prototype, extra storage, glance screen, a great nokian design (this already excludes the n1 prototype), with a great, great android skin, something like the n9. all this with aggressive price.

                  In my opinion, just doind this, they stand a chance.

                  • DBS

                    One of the best cameras – not really. They particularly suck in low light

                    3D touch – pressure sensitive screens have been on Android for years, even low end ones;

                    great screen – 750p? Great?

                    super-tin & super-light – and super lacking features like decent batteries, wireless charging etc

                    all-aluminium – aluminium is cheap. All aluminium phones aren’t premium. And they’re pretty much the go-to to every phone these days. When you want a more premium phone, you go with metal and glass.

                    fingerprint scanner – available on mid-range Android devices

                    “one of the fastest phones” – and WP7 devices were even faster. The less your OS is able to do and allows you to do, the faster it is.

                    “undisputed best ecosystem” – undisputed by whom? Best ecosystem? And ecosystem closed upon itself that doesn’t work well outside Apple’s little bubble? Hardly the best.

                    What does it lack to be premium? It lacks premium materials, premium specs, premium features, premium design and a premium OS.
                    The iPhone isn’t the best phone. By a long shot. It works really well IF you are already hostage of the Apple ecosystem of devices but without it it’s just a mid-range device with a ridiculous high price.
                    For example, the cheapest of the cheapest iPhone 7 configuration costs MORE than the Galaxy S7 on launch (779€ versus the 730€ of the S7). And it’s beyond dispute, I think, that the S7 is currently the best Android phone.
                    And when compared with the iPhone, it beats the crap out of it. Here’s a short list:

                    S7 & Edge – octacore, 4GB RAM.
                    iPhone 7 – quadcore, 2GB RAM (3GB on the Plus)

                    S7 & Edge – 1440p
                    iPhone 7 – 750p (1080p on the Plus)

                    S7 & Edge – 32GB, expandable up to 2TB.
                    iPhone 7 – 32GB, 128GB (+110€ extra), 256GB (+210€ extra). All non-expandable.

                    IP rating:
                    S7 & Edge – IP 68 (waterproof)
                    iPhone 7 & 7+ – IP 67 (water resistant).

                    S7 & Edge – Yes, for everything
                    iPhone 7 & 7+ – Only for Apple Pay.

                    Wireless charging:
                    S7 & Edge – Yes. Qi e PMA
                    iPhone 7 & 7+ – Nop.

                    Headphone jack:
                    S7 & Edge – Yes.
                    iPhone 7 & 7+ – Nop. You either use an adaptor (and no charging at the same time if you do) or you have to use wireless headphones which are inferior (or waste 160 dollars on those “Air Pods”).

                    S7 – 3000mAh
                    S7 Edge – 3600mAh
                    iPhone 7 – 1960 mAh (yes, really!)
                    iPhone 7+ – 2900 mAh

                    As for the camera, we still have to see real life results. But with f. 1.8 and smaller pixels, I dare to say the S7 will likely still beat it in low light.

                    • Everson

                      Well, like i said, the iPhone isn’t the best in anything, it just does everything well. This is very, very clear. My wife has a iPhone 6. Let’s get the screen example: 750p is far from the best, but it’s already great. The screen of my Lumia 925 is already great. Another pratical aplication: Camera. OK, there are better cameras. But when my wife get the phone to take a picture, frankly, she ALWAYS get a great photo. It’s pratical. It’s affective. It’s fast. Sometimes i get better pictures, but more often than i would like, it mess the picture. The iPhone camera is very, very reliable. That counts a lot.

                      I’m not gonna enter a discussion in every topic, but sure, your points are valid if you consider the price, and that’s something that i adressed too: the over-pricing. The only thing utterly wrong in your arguments, is the comments you did for the ecosystem. Yes, you have no freedom, like i stressed too, but everything arrives there first. New apps, new versions, it’s the best ecosystem. It’s undisputed, really. If you can’t see this, the hate is clouding your judgement.

                    • DBS

                      Sure the iPhone “just works”. I don’t dispute that. Windows Phone 7 and 8 also “just worked” (they “just” lacked the apps).

                      However, the point is, just because a phone “just works” it doesn’t make it premium. And that was my point. Otherwise even the mid-ranger Xperia X Compact was a premium phone. Or the old Moto G’s. They all “just worked”.

                      As for the pictures on the iPhone. Yes, the iPhone camera is great for people who know zero about photography and just point and shoot. But then again, so are Samsung’s cameras from 2015 onwards. I’ll give you an example: my sister broke her Nokia 630 and because Nokia hasn’t returned yet, I couldn’t prevent her from getting a Samsung. She went with the 2015 Galaxy J5. The camera is pretty damn good considering she paid around 200€ for the phone. In fact, it would satisfy most Apple users I’m pretty sure. Because I saw no difference between the results of the J5 and those of the iPhone SE (which a friend lend me precisely to test out the camera which is the same as the 6S).
                      But does that make it the greatest camera? No. It’s very good. But it’s not the best.
                      (It does beat Xperia cameras at least up until the XZ…or maybe even after, I haven’t tested it yet).
                      However, having a very good camera is no longer a sign of being premium. The recent Honor 8 has a stellar camera, specially when you consider the phone costs 399€.

                      As for the ecosystem, apps arriving first on iOS doesn’t mean the ecosystem is great. Means it has an appealing app store. And of course it has, iPhone users are the ones who spend more on their app store (which is not a surprise considering the phone itself does very little and you have to get apps for everything the OS lacks).
                      But an ecosystem is a family of software and devices.
                      And therefore I maintain what I said. Apple’s ecosystem is not the best unless you also use an iPad, a Mac, an Apple Watch, an Apple TV, iTunes etc etc. In other words, unless you go full Apple, the iPhone’s ecosystem is not great. It’s not even good actually, considering it barely works with basic stuff like desktop Windows.

    • Prasenjit

      Flash technology has improved leaps and bounds and no flagship except for N8, 808 PV of yester years really ended up offering xenon. LED flash outputs are really strong. I don’t know why you need a thick body for OIS, every generation improves hardware miniaturization. And yesterday’s iPhone 7 launched with OIS in that slim package. People prefer slimness and days of durable but heavy phones are gone. Premium means slim light weight cutting edge spec, and yes metal finish, Era of polycarbonates is gone.

      I am very much in for a Nokia N1 inspired cell phone but HMD has spoken of a family so there will surely be more and you don’t know what it will be but one thing for sure Nokia will take a lot of inspirations from the iDevices and improve on them that is cool not bad if that paves the way back. They tried too much honest and genuine approach with the Lumia line but that did not pay well isn’t it.

      • DBS

        I don’t remember saying it needed Xenon flash. HOWEVER, there’s a difference between a crappy single LED flash and a dual tone or triple tone LED flash. The only brand still using crappy flashes is Sony and Xperia cameras have sucked for years also because of that.

        You don’t know why you need a thick body for iOS? You don’t. You can also add ugly humps like those of the Lumia 925, 1020, 1520, Galaxies, G5/V20 or the iPhone 7.
        Most people however would prefer a thicker body and no camera hump. If you have a slim body and no camera hump, it means no OIS.
        OIS is HARDWARE. It requires space. You have the lens physically moving on a certain number of axis. You can only do that with space.

        And no, people don’t prefer slimness. People actually prefer phones that don’t have protruding camera. And that have good battery life. You know what’s the advantage of a thicker phone besides no hump on a OIS-enabled camera? Bigger battery. The Galaxy S7 is THICKER than the S6. As a result the camera hump was reduced to a minimum and a bigger battery was added. And you know what? It has sold MILLIONS. And way better than its slimmer predecessor.

        No, premium does not mean slim and light weight and metal. Premium means no compromises on hardware and rich build materials for the construction. Aluminium phones are cheap. Aluminium IS cheap. Premium means for example, metal and glass. Or magnesium.
        Yes, the era of polycarbonate is gone. And so is the era of aluminium on premium phones. Premium phones use either glass and metal or army-graded metal (like that of the V20).

        “for sure Nokia will take a lot of inspirations from the iDevices”

        For sure they won’t. No only does Nokia have capable designers, they can’t afford headlines like “Nokia launches an iPhone clone in a desperate attempt to return to the mobile market”.
        Also, you’re dead wrong in regards to the Lumia line. The design WAS one of the things most people praised the phones for along with the cameras.
        The thing that drove Nokia down was the adoption of a sh*t OS. Windows Phone was what sunk Nokia. Not their designs. Not even their build materials.