We reported about leak of Windows 10 Mobile Build 10127 in a hands-on video and while there were some new features like enhanced landscape mode and print to PDF and more, it does seem that Microsoft is now focusing its effort to bring stability and polish to new builds rather than adding major new features.

Today some screenshots of Build 10134 have been posted on web and these again confirm that Microsoft is focusing on polish rather than new features. So, what we can notice as new from the screenshots.

  • Dark Theme for Store Beta and Spartan
  • Small UI changes like in multitasking cards close button
  • New Store Beta build with auto-update & Live Tile settings (Already on windows 10 Desktop)
  • Revamped Cellular & Sim settings
  • New Spartan version with new Pin to start settings
  • New Cortana’s first welcome message

Build 10134 store Build 10134.1 Build 10134.2Source

Thanks Jacky4 for the tip. Cheers!!