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Nokia has announced a new software update for older (than Asha 501) Asha touch devices. This software update brings some sought after changes like YouTube launcher to the crop and whatsapp support to dual-sim Ashas. The new ones like Asha 210 and Asha 501 are already shipping with Whatsapp support on dual-sim. So, a summary of which device gets which new feature.


The Nokia Asha 308, Asha 310 and Asha 311 will get the following new features with this update:

  • Better business support with enhanced Mail for Exchange
  • Dedicated YouTube launcher

The Dual-SIM Asha 308 and Asha 310 will

  • become compatible with WhatsApp, which is already available on the single-SIM models.

In addition, the Asha 308 and Asha 309 get

  • easy access to the eBuddy chat client.

Nokia Asha 305 and Asha 306 will get

  • support for WhatsApp for the first time and both devices will get a WhatsApp launcher.

In case you want to know how to update your Asha device, click here.


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