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Snapback(snapchat client) Review


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As a windows phone 8 user for coming up on a year snapchat is always something that my friends with iOS and android always had over me was snapchat.  They were always sending their pictures by and forth while I sat their doing something else because the app store was lacking snapchat, but recently an app developer by the name of Hilltop released snapback, a snapchat client for windows phone.  Will this app bring a true snapchat experience to the windows phone users begging in all their online petitions for snapchat. Lets find out.


I downloaded the snapback app when the link was originally posted on this site back on November 5th.  I have been testing it out several times a day with frequent use.  Now keep in mind the app is still in beta and bugs in the app are being fixed regularly by Hilltop.  In my experience with snapback so far I have not experienced any glitches or bugs, it has honestly been flawless from the moment the tile hit my home screen.  Now if you have ever used snapchat from an android or iOS device you know that you are able to pull contacts from facebook and your contact to automatically friend request without needing to input their snapchat username, like on swapchat(if anyone remembers that).  Snapback does not disappoint when it comes to all the features that snapchat offers.  Users are able to pull contacts without the need of the username, draw on pictures taken, use front-facing and back cameras, and set default snap times.

Overall Hilltop did an awesome job with this app.  It is still the beta version and it

offers more than swapchat did.  All the app is currently missing is some notifications and live tile support.  Keep an eye out for when this app goes public because if you want snapchat for windows phone then this will be the app to have. I give snapback a 4/5 for the time being, but as soon as the livetile support and notifications hit it will be a firm 5/5 in my book.  Keep up the good work Hilltop this app is not leaving my home screen for a long time.


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