ZDNet has posted a comparison between cameras of Lumia 920, iPhone 5, Galaxy Note II and HTC 8X. They have captured images in different conditions ranging from daylight to low light. There are six different sets of comparison pictures. Lumia 920 is declared winner in 4 of the 6 sets and matches the competition in one of the sets. Great performance by the Flagship Lumia’s camera !!

  • Seattle street: Lumia 920 followed by iPhone 5. Check out the sky in center back and richness of colors.
  • Leaf and flag: Too close for me to call, only 8X seems too white.
  • Seattle waterfront: iPhone 5, provides best color, lighting, and color match from reality.
  • Leaf on Puget Sound: Lumia 920 then iPhone 5. 8X again is too white.
  • Low light couch: Lumia 920 is clear winner, while 8X actually faired well.
  • Low light Halloween: Lumia 920 smoked it with this photo, followed by iPhone 5.

Check the full Gallery of comparison pictures.

Read the conclusion by clicking here.