SkyFiles is a free SkyDrive application for Symbian devices and is available for free at Nokia store. Following are some of my quick hands-on observations of this application on my N8.

  • The QT based UI is neat and pretty usable.
  • The two top tabs in the UI are “Phone Memory” and “SkyDrive”. It really is smart work by developer.
  • There is a glitch due to which it wouldn’t remember your Id and Password and you will have to enter every time.
  • Also the experience is not always uniform while going through various actions.
  • But the real file upload and download time is really quick and folder creation is breeze.
  • I think folder deletion and many advance options would be coming in future updates.

So, all in all slightly glitchy but a must use and a must have application, if you are even slightly inclined towards using “Microsoft’s cloud solution”.

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