skelly riderThanks to MyAppFree again, one more popular title Skelly Rider has gone free for a limited time at Windows Phone store. Better news is that it is not only free but also offers free bonus in-app purchases for limited time.

Bonus for myAppFree users:
* Big Coins Bag worth $2.99!
* Triple Gold item worth 0.99$!
* Triple Exp item worth 0.99$!
* Giant Magnet item worth 0.99$!
Press the shop button on the top-right, go to the shop page and buy free items!

Game Description & Features:

Skelly Rider is an endless runner game with elements of RPG (role-playing game), where you are controlling Skelly that is riding on the mount. This time Skelly is trying to escape from a big tyrannosaurus who is terrorizing the land.

While running from dinosaur and avoiding obstacles, you have to collect gold, which can be spent on unlocking new outstanding outfits and more powerful mounts!
Fly as far as possible, explore new lands, and face new dangers.
Collect gold, unlock mounts, and compete with players on global leaderboards!
Discover and unlock weird Slime mounts, that has unique control system.

Game offers:
– Many powerful and unique mounts
– Dangerous lands
– Hundred of thousands outfit combinations
– Leveling system
– Possibility to make a builds with 5 statistics
– Achievements & Leaderboards

Download link