VimpelCom is the sixth largest global mobile  operator based on subscriber numbers (212 million) and provides services in Europe, North  America and various emerging markets in 18 countries. Now, great news is that VimpelCom has entered into an carrier billing agreement with Nokia and Microsoft which will allow its customers to use their mobile accounts to buy applications and content on the Windows Phone platform.

Due to the billing agreement, VimpelCom customers will be able to use their mobile  accounts to buy apps, games and other digital content from the Windows store. The cost  of any applications, games or music purchased will be deducted from pre-pay  customers’ phone credits, or added to subscribers’ monthly bills.

VimpelCom will also create virtual store to help customers find digital content in the Windows store, some of which will be tailored to local services. This is certainly a big boost to Nokia’s “Windows Phone” efforts considering the subscriber numbers and number of markets VimpelCom is operating across.

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