Nokia Siemens Networks continues its strong show with one after another wins!! Singaporean network operator M1 has sought NSN’s latest tech to provide better mobile experience, and indoor and outdoor coverage. NSN will implement its Liquid Core platform and radio network and will refarm GSM 900 MHz frequency to expand operator’s 3G network. It seems that with its cutting edge tech, NSN has won confidence of many customers.

Customers of M1, a leading full-service provider of mobile and fixed communications in Singapore, will soon enjoy enhanced voice and data services with improved network connectivity and coverage. To achieve this, M1 has commissioned Nokia Siemens Networks to strengthen its voice core network and expand its 3G network by using its service expertise, implementing its Liquid Core* and radio networks, and refarming the GSM 900 MHz band.

NSN being one of the most profitable of Nokia’s businesses, it augurs well for the future!!

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