3cba7119-b2e4-4677-a660-6a74131178ebUbisoft has brought a new game “Shape Up Battle Run” to the Windows Phone Store.

Shape Up Battle Run makes it easy to have a fun workout anytime, anywhere. It has got good graphic.

Best part of this game is that it is free!!!


·         Customize your gameplay by selecting 5 to 30 minute jogs, runs, and sprints.
·         Never run alone! Choose a Coach, Champion, or find a friend through Uplay.
·         Tired of the same route around the neighborhood? Run through the jungle with lions on your tail, make a mad-scramble through a zombie-infested cityscape, or blast off into space in STORY MODE.
·         Audio clues and beats will keep you at the right pace for the best workout.
·         Every step outside earns you benefits in your living room. Sync with the Shape Up console game and your Points and Bolts will be added to your total score. Plus your stats are tracked: calories burned and distance run, which count towards your overall in-game fitness program.

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