The Nokia X30 5G is the best device Nokia has to offer for now, a solid midrange with the right hardware and a robust software. The Nokia X30 5G gives a reimagined Pureview experience in a budget segment. The improved low light algorithm seems to be the center of the highlight for now with continued improvement and addition of newer features with recent updated.

The S23 Ultra, arguably the most powerful device in the market, with a mammoth 200MP camera showcases the best of what the premium segment has to offer, costing about three times more than the Nokia here.

But, this is not an apple to apple comparison. A battle between David and Goliath is a much better representation of the scenario here.

S23 Ultra vs Nokia X30 5G

I had my hands on the S23 Ultra for a couple of days and it certainly is a big chunky device that might not go easy for single handed use for most of us. But having said that, the device feels premium in every sense. The screen is beautiful, the animations and transitions are buttery smooth and you get the sense that this is indeed a premium device from its minimalistic approach.

The Nokia X30 5G certainly pales in dimension and its hardware offerings, but the combination of near stock Android and a capable processor gives you equally smooth experience in general. A couple of things that I wish would be improved with subsequent updates are the outdoor visibility of the display and a better audio output in general. Pretty much, the rest of the device works flawless and will satisfy the needs of many.

But when it comes to imaging, the S23 Ultra is here to boast what it can do to be at the top. A 200MP sensor, a much improved algorithm, a more powerful 10x zoom and amazingly, even the 100x zoom images are pretty useable! Having said that, with its current firmware, the output at 200 MP while rich in details, has not much to offer than just to boast the extra finer details that you really have to zoom into to appreciate. What baffles me more is that the output at 12.5 MP could certainly do better with the amount of pixels available at its disposal.

In my previous comparison of S23 Ultra with the Nokia 9 Pureview and the Nokia 808, we can start to appreciate more what the Nokia 9 Pureview was meant to do. A richer detail at 12MP and a better color reproduction. Don’t get me wrong here. The S23 Ultra is certainly able to leap across all these devices with an update at any moment, but the question here is, do we need a 200MP sensor?

To know more on how the Nokia X30 5G compares with the S23 Ultra, do head on to my video here.

My observation remains the same. The Nokia X30 5G, HAS the potential to rival the S23 Ultra at 12MP and even 50 MP output. It needs better HDR for both its primary and ultrawide sensor for both daylight and low light photography. It needs to improve its fusion algorithm to have a much detailed output as well. While the S23 tends to brighten up the scene more often than Nokia and applying much saturated colors which are pleasant but not accurate, the X30 can certainly benefit more from a better color reproduction as well.

Final thoughts

The Nokia X30 5G, the best Pureview till date, has the potential to do more. I hope that HMD Global continues to improve its algorithm while focusing on to bring a flagship with unique experience with the X50 series( …if that is what it would be called). I believe a more powerful midranger is in the works, probably utilizing SD7 Gen 1, and bringing in a stable 4K recording. While telephoto imaging might be reserved for the flagship offerings, introducing them to a higher midrange device would be a game changer. And, I think it is about time, for HMD Global to experiment again on fusion, since they are already there, to combine the output of primary, ultrawide, color and monochrome for both photography and videography. The bigger question here is, what sensor will HMD Global’s next X series utilize? A 200MP sensor or a 1inch sensor?

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