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Back in April, we heard about a scam where Samsung has hired team of trolls via 3rd party marketing companies. These trolls will leave comments bashing HTC products and will extol Samsung’s products. This is a practice called Astroturfing and now Taiwan’s FTC has found Samsung guilty and fined it with $340,000. Not only Samsung but also local firms Peng Thai and Dolly Company were fined $102,153 and $1,703 respectively. Anyways, after getting exposed in public eye Samsung still claims that it remains committed to engaging in transparent and honest communication with consumers.

We are disappointed that the Taiwan FTC has decided that we have violated the Fair Trade Act based on online marketing activities. However, we remain committed to engaging in transparent and honest communication with consumers,” a Samsung spokesperson told VatorNews.

“Samsung Electronics Taiwan is carefully reviewing the decision and will take all necessary steps to protect our reputation as a company which values its customers. Samsung Electronics Taiwan will continue to provide exceptional value for consumers in Taiwan through a wide variety of innovative products and services.”

Well, how low can go even after sitting on top of smartphone market share. Samsung has been sued for copying, it has misbehaved with bloggers and now this!!

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