Lumia 930Time for more rumors!!

Lumia 940 specs, which clearly seems to be positioned as the successor to Lumia 930 has been leaked from some claimed “Chinese supplier factory”. Take a look at the leaked image below.

Lumia-940-specsSo, the above specs don’t seem out of the world and while the image may or mayn’t be fake, existence of such an upcoming device can be well argued. Snapdragon 805, 24 MP PureView rear camera, 5 MP FFC are well-expected!

Only thing, which is doubtful to me is the display resolution as we have heard that Lumia 930 successor(s) may sport 2k resolution.

The OS is mentioned as Windows Phone 10, so this rumor will put Lumia 940 release sometime in 2015.

In a nutshell, while the above image may be as fake as Lumia 1330 images leaked earlier today, the existence of Lumia 940 ( or whatever the name of Lumia 930 successor will be ) can’t be denied. And, as we say, it’s interesting, ain’t it??