If a claimed communication from HMD to some media houses in Taiwan has to be believed, Nokia X71 (may be Nokia 6.2) with a 48 MP rear camera setup is going to break cover on April 2. As per the leaked screenshot of this purported communication, Nokia X71 and Nokia 9 PureView will be launched together and it will be the very first outing for Nokia X71.

The source suggests that it will come with the punch-hole display design leaked earlier and also that it is the TA-1167 we reported earlier from Taiwan’s NCC certification. The rear camera is exceptional with 48 MP sensor and 12-degree wide-angle photography.

Rumors pointed out that the first punch-hole display wielding Nokia smartphone will be Nokia 6.2, so may be we are looking at the Nokia 6.2 unveil. HMD avoided Nokia 6.2 launch at MWC to keep the complete focus on Nokia 9 PureView.

Few things don’t add up however. For one, Nokia X series is only meant for China and in Taiwan, HMD launches Nokia phones with global naming, for example, Nokia 8.1 and not Nokia X7. So, Nokia X71 is a big deviation from the usual convention and on top of that Nokia X71 doesn’t seem to follow existing naming scheme of Nokia smartphones. So, take it with a pinch of salt.

Thanks Xio-Feng for the tip. Cheers!!