A rumor originating from Russia may be the first one about Nokia 4 after we first discovered its existence in an APK tear-down. While we would suggest you to take it with a pinch of salt, the rumor claims that Nokia 4 will soon replace Nokia 3 in the Nokia smartphones portfolio.

This, while not impossible can’t be verified yet. Number 4 is considered as “unlucky” in some Asian markets including China and may become a big issue. The rumor further claims that future Nokia smartphones product line would only have Snapdragon processors and that Nokia 3 production has been stopped.

So, in a way, the rumor has Nokia 4 being unveiled at MWC 2018. Camera APK tear-downs for the first time confirmed Nokia 4 existence and had also leaked Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 9 and Nokia 1 names. Now, we know that Nokia 7 Plus is coming for sure and we have also heard some rumors about Nokia 1.

Even Nokia 8 Sirocco has been confirmed to exist and coming to MWC 2018 after another APK tear-down revealed its name for the very first time. So, it is not possible to outrightly discard the existence of Nokia 4 anymore.

Because of its Mediatek processor, Nokia 3 has been facing issues in getting software updates in time and has been lagging behind other Nokia smartphones. It hasn’t even received the Oreo Beta yet. So, going Snapdragon route is not anything surprising for HMD. One of the key value propositions of the Nokia Android smartphones has been the regular security updates and guaranteed OS upgrades.

It does seem that MWC 2018 maybe even bigger than we have assumed it to be so far.

Thanks Alberto for the tip. Cheers!!