So, rumor mill is abuzz with what Nokia is going to bring to MWC, and it seems earlier rumored “RT tablet” may miss the MWC bus. What is reportedly coming is much more exciting!! Flavio, who is considered to be a man with reliable sources, has tweeted that Nokia is going to launch project EOS, which he explains a Lumia 920 with 41 MP PureView camera.

So, we have just heard from Juha Alakarhu, head of imaging technologies that,

Asked if there’s one major problem he would like to solve in the years ahead, Juha takes his time before answering. “I’d love to make it super easy to get great photos every single time,” he tells us. “You should be able to give your phone to a 3-year old and still capture amazing photos, like with a big DSLR camera.

which looks like a big hint towards combining both PureView 1 and PureView 2 phases in one device. Read more here.

So, are we really going to see a 41 MP PureView Camera with OIS in a Lumia 920 body, or is it going to be something which was revealed from a Nokia presentation long time back.


This leaked slide shows a Lumia WP8 device with 41 MP sensor and it is certainly a high-end device with 4.3 inch HD display and Adreno 320 GPU, which is more advanced than Adreno 225 GPU found on Lumia 920. May be Nokia has decided to bring the device in slide in Lumia 920’s body now.

Anyways, the above Tweets also say that metal body Lumias may be announced at MWC, which is in sync with some of the rumors of Lumia 920 coming in Aluminium body and a totally new design. Also, both Verizon and T-Mobile are supposed to get high-end Lumia devices this year. So, may be we can see some announcements at MWC 2013 for those as well.

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