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Rumor: Lumia 920 to come with Wireless charging,32 GB storage, 1GB RAM and 8 MP “PureView” camera.


Rumor Mills are abuzz again!! Reports are coming that Lumia 920 will launch with “PureView” 8 Mega-Pixel camera ? It seriously beats our intelligence though, how come 8 MP camera be a PureView one without pixel oversampling. I mean, if sensor size is 8 MP only then, there is no sense in calling it “PureView” without advantages of Pixel oversampling and Lossless zoom.

The Verge has an answer to that though,

Nokia is focusing on marketing the Lumia 920 as PureView thanks to some advancements in image stabilization and camera software that it plans to ship on the device. The front of the device will also include a 1.3-megapixel camera.

Some improvement in Lumia 900’s camera quality with recent “Tango” update was reported. So, may be Nokia has learnt finally how to get better image quality with Windows Phone OS. Also  “Scalado acquisition” may have to play a role here as it was reportedly acquired with a view to provide better image quality on Lumia phones.

Whatever be the case, if Nokia can provide even imaging quality at par with even N8, then it may be a winner. If, not what is sense of using the brand “PureView” and diluting it.

Ok, now coming to one innovative stuff that Lumia 920 will come supposedly packed with, is “Wireless charging”.

A magnetic strip will be hidden in the back of the Lumia 920 to support wireless charging, and we’re told it will support the Qi wireless power standard — making it compatible with other wireless charging products.

Other impressive aspects as reported by the verge are 32GB storage, 1 GB RAM, 1.5 GHz Dual-Core Processor and 4.5 inch HD display.

Just one caution here !! Please take it with a pinch of salt :).


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  • athresh

    Hopefully krait processor is coming in it..!!

    • I too hope so. Performance of the processors is very important in today’s benchmark conscious market 🙂

  • How come Mr. Elop and the development teams at Nokia didn’t think before hand, before making this leak public, to put a 12 MP camera into this Lumia 920?? It doesn’t only have to compete against SGS3 and iP5 an all performance aspects but it had to also sprint them and leave them at start mark on this race. OMG, you still have a chance guys … I want a racing device to shut some big mouths up!!

    • Hopefully you will get many things to brag about !! Suspense
      should be over by evening.

  • knowfirst

    yeah i never thought it would be 8mp pureview, maybe its 8mp pureview mode from 21mp, maybe. Hope it wont be 8mp, or atleast nokia make that 8mp worth it and dont make them like l900 or l800 or no one will buy them, hoping more from nokia on 5th

    • True. Nokia needs to deliver big time on imaging with Lumia 920 and 820. That’s their strength after all.

  • symfan

    now it these rumers r true .it will.disappoint allot of nokia fans

    • up, it will dissapoint many who had somehow imagined 41 MP sensor in a thin phone. Actually, what i expect is still N8 like sensor and may be the 8 MP crop from the full image as we get on N8 (9 MP).That will blow the competition away yet again.