Lumia 1030 has been part of many rumors, leaks and arguments. Last we reported about it was via one of anonymous tipster that claimed that Microsoft is still working on a high-end Lumia with camera hump. Though many believe that Lumia McLaren and Lumia 1030 were the same device and now stands killed by Microsoft.

Now, claimed images of display frame of Lumia 1030 have been posted on web by a known leakster “nowhereelse”. The display frames have Lumia 1030 written on it by a marker (as is usually done in labs for test samples) and bears Microsoft and Verizon logos. The Microsoft logo actually gives some recency to this leak and it seems that if this leak is genuine, the Verizon bound device may actually be under testing and not killed.Lumia-1030-Facade Lumia-1030-Facade-01 Lumia-1030-Facade-02It is rather difficult to confirm validity of this leak now and we will certainly keep you updated if we came to know anything about existence of Lumia 1030 or Lumia 1040, as Lumia 1030 sounds so 2014ish a name now!! For now take it as a new and refreshing rumor that may bring cheer to many Lumia camera flagship fans.