We revealed RM-860 as the next device headed to USA based on the “Occasional Gamer” entry and “NaviFirm’s QA” presence of RM-860 as “Test package”. Read More by clicking the link below.


Now two things has happened since we reported this !!

First, Nokia closed the server connection to QA at NaviFirm :P, so obviously something significant (Read RM-860) was caught.

Second, today Alan Mendelevich who runs “Adduplex” has confirmed that this RM-860 entry is in fact on Verizon. And, they have found two such entries in last 24 hours, which indicates rigorous testing of the device before launch. So, it solves many puzzles for me !!

RM-860 is certainly coming to Verizon as the high-end Lumia and we will see it getting revealed at MWC. What is left then ? The name and design of course along with specs ;).

Thanks Gupet for the Tip. Cheers !!