Adduplex leak

Adduplex has posted its latest report for the Month of December and like always the report also reveals names of some of the devices not leaked earlier.

  • RM-1160, RM-1162 has never leaked before and may have been or may be a device between RM-1150 / RM-1152 (Lumia 650) and the one certified in Indonesia, the RM-1182 (May be Lumia 850). This device fits the bill to be the Lumia 750 with 5.4-inch, 768p resolution display.
  • LG V496 seems to be one upcoming 8-inch Windows 10 Mobile Tablet.
  • HP Falcon makes an appearance, but while we have seen it running Snapdragon 820 and with a 5.8-inch, 2K resoluton display on GFXBench, it appears with only 5.4-inch, 768p resolution display in Adduplex. So may be we will see two variants, one normal and another XL.

All other device sightings are not that new beyond these three. Acer Jade Primo has been made public sometime ago and we have earlier seen RM-1150 / RM-1152 a lot, that may be Lumia 650.

Thanks Asif, Reich & others for sending the source link.