Windows_Product_Family_9-30-Event-741x416A new report claims that Microsoft will unveil some phone-laptop hybrid on 21st January with a release timeline in future targeting Enterprise users. The report also claims that Microsoft may unveil updated Office 365 for Windows Phone during the event.

Microsoft also plans to introduce new hardware, with some set to appear this week and a phone-laptop hybrid that might appeal to enterprise customers being developed for further in the future.

Along with Windows 10, Microsoft also plans to launch a single app store instead of the two separate stores it now maintains for phones and for PCs and tablets. The new store is where Microsoft might introduce an updated Windows Phone version of Office 365, its cloud-based productivity suite whose success is critical to the company’s fortunes.

The other bits from report like one code-base to target apps development and one unified store for apps are well-known and as can be seen in the picture above, it is the plan with one Windows 10 OS for Desktop, Mobile and Tablets.

We have earlier reported about the SKU segmentation of Windows 10 and since Desktop and Mobile / Tablets are supposed to have separate SKUs, it will be interesting to see what the “Phone-Laptop” hybrid actually means?

Microsoft will webcast the January 21st event and is expected to talk about Windows 10’s latest  Enterprise Build features, and will unveil Windows 10 for Consumer Desktop and Phone / Tablets. The Consumer preview for Phones may be announced during the event.