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Report: First MS-Nokia deal included HERE Maps as well. Rift over deal may have hastened Ballmer’s retirement.

MS NokiaMicrosoft-Nokia deal which involves Nokia’s Devices and services unit sales to Microsoft for $7.2 billion is going to be closed within Q1 2014 as per the latest information. But, a new report from Bloomberg claims that the original proposed deal (which was rejected by Microsoft Board) had included both D & S and HERE Maps divisions.

They were frustrated by his tendency to talk more than listen, the people said, and his reaction to the pushback on Nokia was for some the last straw. The board rejected the first deal as too expensive and complex, including not only the handset division but also a mapping unit Microsoft didn’t need. Even without maps, Fitch Ratings called the price “excessive” in a note yesterday, citing a deterioration in the user base for Windows-based phones.

Even chairman Bill Gates and present Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella were against Nokia deal and Nadella changed his mind only later about buying Nokia’s devices division.

Several directors and co-founder and then-Chairman Bill Gates — Ballmer’s longtime friend and advocate — initially balked at the move into making smartphones, according to people familiar with the situation. So, at first, did Nadella, signaling his position in a straw poll to gauge executives’ reaction to the deal. Nadella later changed his mind.

Ballmer, according to the report was the real force behind Microsoft ultimately sealing the deal with Nokia and ironically, the rift  between him and the board over Nokia deal may have hastened his retirement.

Ballmer was so loud that day in June his shouts could be heard outside the conference room. people with knowledge of the matter said. He’d just been told the board didn’t back his plan to acquire two Nokia units, according to people with knowledge of the meeting. He later got most of what he wanted, with the board signing off on a $7.2 billion purchase of Nokia’s mobile-phone business, but by then the damage was done.

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  • apamau

    I don’t like Ballmer at all, but I guess, If you are the CEO at that point in time, there’s nothing much for the Gates or Nadella or the board to object, if you know nokia is not doing well, and they need to safe themselves, there’s only 1 way out…Android. and they are already preparing Nokia X, awaiting the contract with Microsoft to end, then there come Nokia X, Y, Z and X Pureview, that will be the end of Microsoft Phone OS. Even though I don’t like him at all, but think he’s making a good decision to save windows phone OS. windows Surface already not doing well, what else u have if nokia add in android to their range to safe them self ? Google would be happy.

    • Kamal

      That was one pretty thoughtful comment @apamau. Both Nokia and Microsoft have their share of issues and one thing led to another. Google may not be happy after all they have no say here, and Microsoft will have the control soon.

  • kyothar

    Not to mention that Nokia disclosed that they had talked to Microsoft about selling HERE in the materials that they sent to all shareholders when they voted on the Microsoft deal.

  • Bypasser
  • Bypasser

    Well, this really isn’t a “new report” in that sense that it would be the first time that we hear about Microsoft wanting to get HERE as well. Siilasmaa didn’t like that idea.