59f4a200-e5ec-40ba-8df9-9cb0b0d289ddThe Windows Phone app, which has gone free next as myAppFree  app of the day is Remote Device Manager.

This app  allows you to manage your phone through wifi without the need to connect it via USB, with any web browser . You can open the program, make a note of the address showed and insert into your browser.

Remote Device Manager Features:

With a simple interface , you can
– NEW Multiple file upload
– NEW Ability to convert files from Movie Maker 8.1 by Venetasoft to Windows   Movie Maker for desktop with a simple click. Save the project on Movie Maker 8.1 and then browse the file with this app!
– Check the charge of your phone
– Download and upload files
– Watch your videos
– Listen to your songs
– Display the pictures on your phone
– View the contacts on your phone
– Display your location on the map
– Take a photo without touching the device

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