Recent price cuts have seen a spurt in demand for Lumia 920 in China, it seems. The device which went on sale at a price of Yuan 4599 and had kept its high pricing intact until very recently, when Nokia offered a price cut perhaps keeping in mind upcoming Lumia 925 launch which is now due on 17th June. But as we know, Lumia 920 itself is an amazing device with beautiful and premium build quality and can give Lumia 925 a run for its money with 32 GB storage and inbuilt wireless charging. So, Chinese buyers seem to understand that perfectly.

Check the above screenshot from major retailer TMall in China and you can see Lumia 920 giving a neck to neck fight to SGS4 in sales and if you check the full top seller list, you will see only these two high-end device so close to the top rank in the list. It is also good to see Lumia 720 following Lumia 920 in the top seller list with a pricing of Yuan 1888 as compared to official Yuan 2499.

TMall link

Thanks Tellus for the Tip. Cheers!!

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