bd8f0d9f-2830-47ad-8054-44b0c37fc211The Windows Phone app, which has gone free next as myAppFree  app of the day is QuickPlay Pro.

QuickPlay Pro Description:

QuickPlay is an all-in-one unique and easy-to-use video and music player!  It’s the best replacement for your Video and Music player apps, with a clean, simple and beautiful design!
We are proud of its unique, confortable and user-friendly design, which makes a great watching or listening experience.
Access your video files in SD Card, the default Videos folder or Camera Roll (no need to move them all to Camera Roll in QuickPlay!)
Exclusive Feature: Listen to songs which better match your mood today! QuickPlay can play songs which are suitable for your feeling at a moment. You can organize your songs for times when you are happy, sad, angry or excited!
Exclusive Feature: Keep track of new added songs or videos to your phone. Want to watch your recently recorded videos or listen to newly added songs? QuickPlay will show you a list of new files found on your phone!

QuickPlay Pro Features:

Main Features:
✓ Play all supported video files by Windows Phone!
✓ Play all supported music files by Windows Phone!
✓ Make a new playlist from all songs in a folder!
✓ Play all songs in a folder by one tap!
✓ Browse your songs by name, album, artist or genre.
✓ Access your videos or songs by folders.
✓ Listen to sound tracks in fast forward mode!
✓ Watch videos in fast forward mode!
✓ Search your phone for a song, album or artist!
✓ Make unlimited playlists.
✓ Share songs or videos via Bluetooth, as an email attachment or with various other apps!
✓ Add albums to playlists.
✓ Pin albums, artists, genres, playlists or videos to the start screen.
✓ Bing’s nice daily image as background.
✓ Customize the app as you wish by choosing an accent color.
✓ Very nice and unique playback controls and animations!
✓ Organize your songs by feeling and listen to them on the right time.
✓ A new refresh button to find videos or songs manually.
✓ Play music in shuffle and repeat mode!
✓ App remembers last playback position for any video or music.
✓ An internal messaging option to easier contact with the developer.
✓ Supported file types: mp4, mp3, 3g2, 3gp2, 3gp, 3gpp, m4a, m4v, mp4v, mov, m2ts, asf, wm, wmv, wma, aac, adt, adts, wav, ac3, ec3.

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