Nokia Public Transport for Symbian devices has been updated to V2.0 and following are the notable changes and new features,

  • This new version supports Symbian S60 5th (Symbian^1) and Symbian^3 (preAnna and Anna firmwares) phones.
  • Line information: all the intermediate stops in your journey.
  • Journey details with visual improvements: specific brand icons, colours and more.
  • New Stations Nearby with renewed Departures.
  • Walking navigation with the help of Nokia Maps, walk from and to a transport station.
  • Coverage flow at the first time usage. This flow will help the user to understand what type of coverage is supported in the user’s detected location.
  • App is localised: the app is now localised in about 50 languages.

For more hit the link below,

BetaLabs link