b15ba95494eef01f74583686e3fe9925bd317d7c cbcfb816fdfaaf51baafaffc8f5494eef11f7a7c f82e8a51f3deb48fc7258f9df31f3a292cf5787cPorototype of a new Lumia device has leaked in images in China. This is not another mid-ranger and judging by the leaked images, it looks like the Lumia 1020 successor with a metallic design. It has 1080p resolution display, 2 GB RAM and a big rear camera hump. The display size looks like 5-inch.

The camera details are not known yet, but the above images says it all and it certainly looks like Lumia 1020 successor with a big camera sensor on the lines of Lumia 1020. The device has RM-1052 variant code and may be called Lumia 1030, if the continued Lumia naming tradition is taken into account.

8980b1eef01f3a296284fb8d9a25bc315d607c7c aa85d6deb48f8c54d89feb6c39292df5e1fe7f7cThe device has dedicated camera buttons, expected on a high-end Lumia, but surprisingly lacks physical touch buttons.

It doesn’t look like Lumia flagship “McLaren” though, that was supposed to come in the fall and was dropped later. The device was supposed to some with 3D-Touch aka hover based interaction and packed with cutting-edge hardware.

Microsoft will be at MWC 15 and we can expect Microsoft Mobile announcing many more Lumia devices, as we have seen three more in Adduplex database.

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